September 2 & 5, 2009

BUG INFO – Watch for bores in the turnips/root veggies (small white worms). Cut them out along with any brown spots.
Please wash the tomatoes and basil. The tomatoes were sprayed with copper a couple of days ago. The basil wasn’t sprayed but may have some overspray on it.
The broccoli might have cabbage worms. Soak in salt water.

Your Pre-Packaged Box this week includes:
• 3 beets – these are Detroit Red and are thinnings from the west beet patch.
• A nice bunch of carrots – I’m now removing the tops – let me know if you’d like some in your box one week or if you’d like them on the table. I’m composting them now.
• 3 – 6 sweet peppers (not bagged) – may include a green, sweet banana and/or gypsy pepper
• A bunch of swiss chard
• A bunch of kale
• 4 - 5 or so summer squash – we suggest using these in place of cucumbers. The small ones are good sliced with salt or in a fresh salad
• A bag of salad greens which includes a few types of lettuce and Arugula
• Eggplant
• Broccoli
• 1 Kohl Rabi

Optional/extra Items – Please take:
• Optional herbs – sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary
• About 4 or 5 okra
• 3 or 4summer turnips – Hakurei – This is what Johnny’s Seeds says about these turnips. The mild flavor of the roots and greens lends a nice touch to summer soups, salads and steamed or sautéed vegetables. Best when under 2” in diameter.
• Peas
• Tomatillos
• Basil
• Green tomatoes
• Tomatoes – check the table to see how many to take - Either Brandywine (darker), Early Girl, San Marzano (roma), Amish Paste (roma) or Delicious
• Spicy peppers which may include: jalapeno, pablano (large green spicy pepper), cayenne (skinny red pepper), or mole (longer thin greenish-purple pepper – about 8” long)
• A baseball bat (large squash) /Extra summer squash
• A melon – either a cantaloupe or a watermelon, depending on what’s there
• I didn’t have time to pick flowers – please feel free to go out and cut your own!

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