June 24 & 27, 2009

BUG INFO – Watch out for aphids on the green mustard and dill. Please soak in salt water prior to using if you want to remove them. Also, there might be a cabbage worm or two in the kale/collards. I’m not pre-soaking this yet but if you see some poop, there’s probably a bug in there.

Your Pre-Packaged Box this week includes:
• Kale – about 1 ½ lbs – tied with blue rubber band.
• Collards – about 1 lb – tied with red rubber band
• Lettuce – 1 lb, bagged
• Spinach – none – tilled under and planted corn in its place
• Swiss Chard – green rubber band
• Green Onions – 2 - 3
• Kohl Rabi – 1, purple or green
• Sugar Snap peas – a small baggie
• Shelling peas – a small baggie (crack in half and eat the peas. The shells are tough and we don’t eat them.)
• 2 Beets
• 2-4 Rutabaga – these are longer than turnips and have a really gnarly root. Also, the flesh of rutabaga is more yellow than turnip.
• 2-3 turnips (these have more purple on top, are rounder, and have a smaller root than the rutabaga. Very white flesh compared to rutabaga)

Optional Items – Please take:
• Chinese Cabbage – in a box on the ground – take a large bunch
• Mustard Greens
• A handful or two of basil
• A sprig of dill
• Optional herbs – sage, thyme, oregano, mint

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